Product Manuals

ZT-2: Basic TDS Tester

TDS-EZ: Economy TDS Tester

TDS-3: TDS Meter with Case

EC-3: Conductivity Meter with Case

EC-3M: Millisiemens Conductivity Meter

TDS-4: Pocket-Size Tester

TDS-4TMA: Aquarium TDS/Temp Meter

AP-1: AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS)

PH-80: pH HydroTester

COM-80: EC/TDS HydroTester

COM-100: Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Meter

PH-200: Waterproof pH Meter

ORP-200: Waterproof ORP Meter

TM-1: Digital Thermometer

COM-100: Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp Meter

COM-100 Users Guide Español HORTITEC 2011 – Download Instruction Manual

COM-100 Users Guide Francais – Download Instruction Manual

COM-100 Users Guide 2010 ITA Indoorline – Download Instruction Manual

MC-COM-100 Users Guide 2010 – Download Instruction Manual

PS-100: TDS Controller

PS-200: Dual TDS Controller

PS-202: Dual Display TDS Controller

PSC-150: Extended Range EC/TDS Controller

PSC-154: TDS/EC Controller with 4-20mA Output

CIC-152: Dual Control Dosing/Injection TDS/EC Controller

QC-1: Quick Check Monitor

SM-1: Single Line TDS Monitor

DM-1: Dual TDS Monitor

DM-2: Dual TDS Monitor 2

DM-2EC: Dual EC Monitor

TRM-1: Triple TDS Monitor

pH Calibration Buffer Packets

pH Electrode Storage Solution

ORP Buffers for Calibration & Test Kit